Session at a Glance

Topic Description Estimated Time (In Minutes)
Arrival Activity Students do a measurement brainteaser to start thinking about how young children build a foundation for understanding volume. 10
Welcome, Announcements, and Agenda Give a general overview of the session and any relevant announcements, and provide time for sharing. 5
Discussion: The Value of Sensory Play Students discuss why sensory exploration is a valuable experience for young children. Students brainstorm different sensory play activities to do in the classroom, and share about their own experiences. 15
Math Focus: Measurement Students discuss how sensory materials can help build math skills. Students explore the big ideas about measurement, and watch and discuss an Erikson video of preschoolers theorizing about volume. 20
Science Focus: Solids and Liquids Students participate in the exemplar activity: Solids and Liquids. 60
Discussion: Questioning Strategies Students brainstorm examples of convergent and divergent questions in the context of the Solids and Liquids activity. 20
Looking Midterm Project / Looking Ahead to Next Session Introduce the Midterm Project. Discuss the homework and reading assignment to be completed before next session, and address the materials that the students will be responsible for bringing. 20


Student Learning Goals

  • Articulate the value of sensory play.
  • Gain knowledge of different aspects of measurement concepts in early childhood.
  • Apply principles of constructivist learning to mixing solid and liquid ingredients.
  • Distinguish between convergent and divergent questions and cite advantages or disadvantages of each type.
Student instructors discuss their experiment mixing solids and liquids.