Session at a Glance

Topic Description Estimated Time (In Minutes)
Arrival Activity Students use two colors of Unifix® cubes to make a set of 6 in as many different combinations as they can. 10
Welcome, Announcements, and Agenda Give a general overview of the session and any relevant announcements, and provide time for sharing. 5
Discussion: Myths About Early Mathematics Students watch and discuss an Erikson video that presents research on the relationship between early math and later achievement. 15
Math Focus: Number Sense Students participate in a number sense activity based on the book, 10 Black Dots, and explore the big ideas about number sense. 55
Science Focus: Baking Soda and Vinegar Students participate in the exemplar activity: Baking Soda and Vinegar. They investigate the chemical reaction that happens when these ingredients are combined, and do an experiment to inflate a plastic bag with the gas created from the reaction. 60
Looking Ahead to Next Session Remind students that Midterm reports are due next session. Go over the materials that students will be responsible for bringing next session. 5


Instructor Guide PowerPoints Exemplar

Student Learning Goals

  • Become aware of key misunderstandings in early mathematics education.
  • Understand the importance of number sense as a foundational math skill for young children.
  • Apply science process skills to exploring baking soda and vinegar reactions.
Student instructor uses a plastic baggie to experiment with a baking soda and vinegar mixture.