Session at a Glance

Topic Description Estimated Time (In Minutes)
Arrival Activity Students draw a picture illustrating something about doing their exemplar activity with children. They share their pictures during small group discussion about Midterm projects. 10
Welcome, Announcements, and Agenda Give a general overview of the session and any relevant announcements, and provide time for sharing. 10
Discussion: Sharing about Midterms Students generate questions to ask each other about their experiences doing their exemplar activity with children. In small groups they talk with each other about what they did and learned. 40
Science Focus: Air and Wind Students participate in the exemplar activity: Air and Wind. They follow their curiosity to come up with fun challenges using the objects and air pushers they brought to class. They brainstorm ideas for integrating math into this activity. 30
Discussion: Teaching Science and Math in the context of different educational approaches Students reflect on how the approach to science and math presented in this course fits with different educational philosophies they may be familiar with. 15
Discussion: Concept development through development through naturalistic, informal and structured learning experiences Students are introduced to three types of learning experiences: "naturalistic," "informal" and "structured." Students brainstorm examples of these three types of learning experiences on the topic of air and wind to reinforce the idea that children need all three kinds of experiences in order to build conceptual understandings and skills. 35
Looking Ahead to Next Session Go over the materials that students will be responsible for bringing next session. 10


Instructor Guide PowerPoints Exemplar Reader

Student Learning Goals

  • Apply principles of constructivist learning to exploration of air and motion.
  • Understand that teaching science and math may be approached differently in early childhood programs depending on educational philosophies.
  • Differentiate between naturalistic, informal, and structured learning experiences.
Student instructor blows air through a straw to move different small objects across a table.